Rehabilitation is Possible

When I first started this course (Way to Happiness), I was hell on wheels. I learned how to control my temper. I used to jump on people for looking at me wrong.

I always keep my personal hygiene up. I learned how to deal with problem people and to help them with their personal hygiene.

When I do get out of prison I know that I will be a better father to my son. This course has really opened up my eyes. I see things in a new perspective.

As I go through the rest of these courses, I hope to gain more insight on the purpose of life so I can answer the problems in life. Everyday has room to grow in knowledge and I believe that everyone could learn a lot from this course.

People respect me more as a person now. They used to hate to see me coming, because of my attitude.

My friend that turned me on to this course told me it would help me to be a better person. He was right, because right now I am a lot better person.

I have a new respect for others as well as myself.

I really enjoyed this course.

Roy H., Telfair State Prison, GA, USA