People tend toward criminality due to a lack of education, a lack of trust and a lack of respect for themselves.

Criminon courses help restore a person’s respect for themselves. Participants in this program first gain learning skills. As they progress through the program, they begin to understand why their past behavior has led to failure and unhappiness and why ethical conduct will lead to success and happiness in the future.

The key to this program is application. To know if something is good or bad, it is best to apply and test the concept to see if it works. Therefore, during the Criminon program, we help participants understand and put the information into practice and test it for themselves.

Courses of the Criminon Program:

TWTH book cover smlThe Way to Happiness Course helps an individual develop a new set of guidelines which lead away from criminality and toward a social life. He is able to replace his criminal code with a code based on common sense. Individuals gain a practical understanding of right and wrong and the pleasure of ethical and social conduct—sometimes for the first time in their lives. Learning Skills book cover smlThe Learning Skills for Life Course provides the knowledge and tools to be able to successfully study any subject. It covers the main reasons a person gives up study. Then it teaches them how to study correctly and how to retain the information and be able to apply it.
Comm course book cover smlThe Communication Course helps participants gain the confidence and skills to comfortably interact with others. Very often a failure in communication is the cause of conflict and even violence. The student learns how to remain calm in the face of hostility and handle situations with communication—and without violence. Antisocial book cover smlThe Recognizing and Overcoming Antisocial Behavior Course helps students identify criminal and negative influences. In addition to lacking a sense of self-respect, many offenders have cognitive and behavioral deficits that present challenges to living crime-free lives. Participants learn to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy relationships and gain the skills to develop relationships with social individuals and stay away from antisocial individuals.

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