Rehabilitation is Possible

The Handling Suppression Course has brought out the most critical flaw in myself, and allowed for me to recognize the source of conflicts that plagued my existence for most of my life, which had I not discovered via taking this course, I would still be a slave to those unchecked behaviors.

Learning that I was Anti-Social and a source of trouble in many a given situation, under various circumstances, was something I was not conscious of until this course clearly put it in perspective for me.

Learning and applying the technology has aided me … and transforming from an Anti-Social and trouble source to be a better equipped Social Personality.

This course has given me an improved lease on life, and endowed me with a proven knowledge and working ability to better help others to rehabilitate their criminal mind than that of the Correctional Model.

The Handling Suppression technology should across the board be implemented into all correctional facilities model, then we would see a significant change in the rates of recidivism.

Corrigan-Radgowski Correctional Institute, Connecticut, USA