Rehabilitation is Possible

After taking this course, I have seen a dramatic change in myself. A few old behaviors that I’d managed to turn around.
I’ve looked at life differently, taking heed in some of these lessons I’ve read and completed.

I’ve stayed out of trouble and want more for myself and family.
I am close to completing a vocational skill here.
I’ve forced myself to take life more seriously here, pushing some of my lazy habits aside. The course had persuaded me that there is more than what lies behind these walls.

My family has seen a different side of me, they see me growing. They believe that I’ve changed and want what’s best for me.
In return for my family, I want to do what’s right for myself and them.

My respect and thanks for the staff of Criminon for sticking by me through these times.
I am real humble and blessed for the individual help that I’ve been given.

Jack T., State Correctional Institute – Chester, Pennsylvania