Board Chair

Criminon Tennessee is led by Tracy Fesler, a licensed management consultant with extensive administrative training. After twelve years as executive director of a faith-based non-profit, Tracy went on to manage the operations of a 2.5 million dollar educational non-profit.

In 2013 she accepted the position of Board Chair of Criminon Tennessee. She says, “As an entrepreneur at heart, I love the rebellious nature and creative drive of kids and young adults. I believe they have the potential to make a strong, positive impact on the world, and I love helping them channel their energies and talents into productive activities.”


Steve Brubaker


We all want to live in a safe society, where we can feel secure in our possessions and personal safety. But crime touches our lives daily. We see it on the news, and we see it impact our friends, family, neighbors and even strangers. Crime affects us all and it hurts our survival.

This was never more obvious to me than when I went to school in the Los Angeles public school system. I saw firsthand the dealings of gangs like the Crips and Bloods and how the lack of a moral code led so many down the wrong path. Many days I was afraid just going to and from school. But however traumatic that may have been for me, I realized it was worse for those caught up in a criminal lifestyle. Sacrificing their integrity and losing self respect left them in a living Hell.

To help another rehabilitate their integrity and self respect is the road out, not just for the individual but for all society. It gives me great joy to work with Criminon Tennessee and provide real rehabilitation. The Criminon program restores morals and instills values, allowing an individual to rejoin society and become a productive, happy person. If you know someone in need of our services, refer them to Criminon Tennessee before the police refer them to another jail cell. It’s the best thing you can do for them.


Keith Snead

Vice President

As a doctor, I have served thousands of patients over the years. I enjoy people and care about them, and often get to know my patients on a personal level and learn what’s going on in their lives. And I’ve found there’s one thing that hurts a person more than any physical condition—the stress of a loved one hanging with the wrong crowd, getting into trouble when he was raised to know better.

I’ve seen it so many times, I know it’s true. Good people, trying to live an honest life, made constantly ill over someone gone wrong. Which set me thinking years ago, “how can I really help these people?” And made me confront the hard fact: you’ve got to help the individual who’s causing the trouble. You can’t just send people to jail, you’ve got to roll up your sleeves and help them change their lives.

People are important. They matter. Everyone is somebody’s son or daughter. Sometimes those sons and daughters are in the wrong place at the wrong time, make some mistakes and head down the wrong path. And sometimes they come from a background where the right path doesn’t even show on a map. Well, with the tools offered by Criminon and some dedicated work, we can help them straighten out their lives.

It is my pleasure to serve as Vice President of Criminon Tennessee.