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The Art of Happiness

I learned the art of happiness.

Before this class I knew what made me happy but I was unaware that happiness is a way of life and that it’s vital to one’s very being to safeguard that kind of happiness.

CDC Nashville

It Is All Right to Be Good

This program helped me to look at life in another way to let me know there is happiness if you want it.

Because in life you should be happy and this program let be known that it is alright to be good and respect yourself and other people.

CJC Nashville

I Can Survive

I feel this program is helpful because it showed me more ways that I can survive by doing the right thing even if I think I can’t go any longer because of my age or race.

Also my criminal record can no longer hold me back. And also be nice to others even if they are not nice to me.

B. D.
CJC Nashville

Respect Takes You a Long Way

Taking this class to be honest, I didn’t know what to expect. It actually made me look at myself and others differently.

It’s almost like learning the 10 Commandments but in a different way.

I found out in so many ways respect takes you a long way. The way to happiness is the choice you make.

This was a great class and I will take it over and over if I can. I advise people to take heed in doing the right thing.

CDC Nashville

How to Handle Circumstances

What I have learned out of the program is how to have self-respect and common sense values.

We all go through a lot of things in life – that doesn’t mean we have to be negative.

This program teaches you how to handle circumstances in life, and we should treat people how we want to be treated.

CDC Nashville

Thought I Was Doing The Right Thing

I thought I was doing the right thing, but after this class I’ve learned a lot about myself.

My ways, my thinking and my doing wasn’t always right.

I’ve also learned how meaningful it is to help to improve our environment. I applaud this class and hope others will also.

CDC Nashville

The Best Person You Can Be

I got out of this class that you need to be the best person you can and when you treat yourself good and you treat others good you’re truly happy and you can make others happy.

CJC Nashville

Happier Than I Ever Have Been

I learned a lot of things that are common sense which got into depth to a level that I had never reached.

I feel better about myself and I can truly say I’m happier than I was, well really than I ever have been.

I’ve even noticed that I’ve distanced myself from negative people.
S. T.
CJC Nashville