Crawfordville, Florida

During my time in prison I have been through many ups and downs. I have been through many dark stages in the past, but through the practices in Criminon’s book, The Way to Happiness, I have come to see the light in many of my daily activities.

I felt I needed to make a change in my lifestyle because I would surely end up with possibly more time or dead, living with that gang mentality type of outlook. So focusing solely on getting home to my family, I picked up a booklet my friend gave me and had the lessons sent to me.

Since I discovered The Way To Happiness, I have been able to slow myself down and think about my actions’ consequences.

I have always been a loyal, honest and respectful person to my friends and family, but through this course I have learned self control, compassion and more important, love for myself as well as others.  Thank you, Criminon.

Joseph B.
Crawfordville, Florida